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BUY Creating Surveys on AMAZON and GOOGLE

  • Write survey items

  • Organize surveys items by groups

  • Use surveys and questionnaires in research projects

  • Evaluate workshops and seminars

  • Learn basics of survey data analysis

  • Check for reliability and validity

  • Create charts to present data

BUY Applied Statistics on AMAZON and GOOGLE

  • Develop statistical literacy

  • Review basic statistical concepts

    • Averages

    • Normal curve

    • Correlations

    • Group differences

  • Read examples of statistics in counseling tests and research

  • Learn about test reliability and validity

  • Practice by completing a multiple-choice test

BUY Living Well on AMAZON

10 Great Ideas

Cultivating Humility

Discovering Courage

Giving Generously

Expressing Gratitude

Building Hope

Practicing Forgiveness

Finding Rest

Strengthening Self-Control

Celebrating Joy

Demonstrating Love


Learn the Principles of Relational Parenting

Creating focus with goals

Guiding through positive feedback

Encouraging progress by small steps

Promoting responsibility through choice

Counseling and Psychotherapy with Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians: Culture & Research | Assessment & Practice

Developing competence in counseling people who identify with the worlds fastest growing religion.

Cultural studies

Assessment questionnaires and tests

Counseling and Program Research

Special Topics: Racism, Sexism, Spiritual Warfare, Spiritual Struggles, and more

Mind the Gap...Between British and American Language and Culture

Laugh as you learn how Brits refer to their friends.

Enjoy the snarky remarks that pepper the banter in British comedies and dramas.

Master the art of understatement.

Bone up on British Baking terms.

Have a field day with the language of British sports.

Learn how NOT to be posh.

Learn how NOT to insult your British friends.

And pick up some useful words and phrases for your visit to the UK.

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